CHEM 100 University of Wisconsin Evaluating Scientific Information Discussion Ques

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This assignment will have you looking closely at a several articles about new variants of CoVID-19. As you learned in Chapter 1 and Spotting Bad Science (Links to an external site.) and Types of Scientific Evidence (Links to an external site.), there are several aspects of articles and scientific studies that you should explore before forming opinions on what is being reported.  Importance:  It is essential that you are able to critically read and evaluate scientific information that is presented to you, so you can make informed decisions and opinions in your life.


Read through this article,Race to understand Sars-CoV-2 variants amid fears virus might evade vaccines (Links to an external site.) from Chemistry World.  Read the CDC, About Variants of the Virus that Causes COVID-19 (Links to an external site.).  You may also find the CDC page on Variant Proportions (Links to an external site.) interesting (optional).  Read Delta variant is spreading in California as COVID-19 battle enters an uncertain phase (Links to an external site.) from the Los Angeles Times.  Note:  Sars-CoV-2 is the name of the virus that causes COVID-19.  Please address the following points in your response. 

  • What dates were these articles published?
  • What is a virus variant and what is the Delta Variant?
  • For the articles from Chemistry World and the Los Angeles Times, what are the author’s credentials or background?  (Click on the author’s names in the articles to find out more about them.)
  • Click on the first couple of links located in the articles.  Where do these links take you?  What does this say about the type of article provided?
  • What similarities are there between the three required articles?
  • What differences are there between the three required articles?

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