child development article critique

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So, before I post the prompt I want to say that this is a group project where at the end of the semester we have to pick a child book and read it to an elementary class. We picked the topic “Type 1 Diabetes Intervention”. The book is called, “Taking Diabetes to school”. For this assignment, you just have to pick an article and do her prompt that I posted below.. I already picked the article for you to write, so you don’t have to look for a article, so don’t worry about step 1 where it says look for an article. I got it off the university website and the professor said it was okay for me to write about it. I posted the article in the files section below and posted her prompt below as well. Also, I have attached a sample of what the professor calls, “What an A paper should look like”. It is worth 100 points, so I need this to be perfect, so if you need to refer to the “Sample A paper” you can glance through it, BUT DO NOT copy it! Here is the prompt….

What steps to I need to take to complete this assignment?

  1. Find a source article: For most, a visit to the library catalog will provide multiple academic sources. Here is the link to a list of databases by subject: (Links to an external site.). If this search does not help you, consider using Google Scholar. Make sure to click “full text” in your search to get access to articles that you can download as a PDF. If you have problems with this part of the assignment, let me know. I can help. Librarians are also of great assistance.
  2. Once you find a source, download it and check it out. Use the Reading Scholarly Articles tip sheet provided on Canvas in the Course Information module. Make notes and reflect on what the source tells you about your specific population.
  3. Answer the following questions and submit them to me in APA format (include a title page and reference page) on Canvas. This paper should be approximately 2-3 pages in length, not including the title page and reference page, so 5 in all.
  • Briefly summarize the article:
  • What were the aims of the study?
  • Did they use a theoretical framework? If so, what theory/theories did they focus on?
  • What were the authors’ hypotheses?
  • What were their findings?
  • Critique the study by answering these questions:
    • Was the population they studied the best sample they could have used (think about size of sample, generalizability, gender, race/ethnicity, SES, etc.)
    • What are some limitations to this study? How would you improve the design? Explain what this would look like and why.
    • Was the study worth it? Considering the limitations and strengths, does it advance our understanding of the topic?
  • Apply this research article to your group topic/target population. Connect their findings to your topic. How will this article inform the development of your group’s book?

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