choose 4 different news sites and compare the same story anazlye he differences and similariteis

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Invitation: Less and less people seem to trust the news—and yet we rely on them. No one can keep up with everything that is going on and so the news is entrusted with the responsibility to report on what we need to know so we can stay informed in the world. But if it is so simple, why are there so many news outlets? And why do they never agree?

Prompt: Choose one day and look at the current news cycle for that day. Then, select one news story and analyze how it is being discussed on a minimum of 4 different news sites (at least one of which is international). How are the stories presented similarly or differently? Is there any bias detectable? What are the goals of each organization and how are they being achieved? Look at the rhetoric of the news surrounding the issue or story: how is it being talked about and why? Are there moral implications? Can we trust how this story is being covered (Any Ethos?)?


Over 7 pages but not more than 10

Minimum 4 sources (at least one international source)

News sources can be print media, radio, or television

MLA Formatted including in text citations

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