choose a person, event or movement and explain why your choice made a significant contribution to history

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** A person: Jacob Riis is the topic

**No overload of quotes, a good amount to set the paper

**Everything listed must be mentioned in the paper as it pertains to Jacob Riis and his contribution to history.

  • Your paper should:
    • Be typed, 12 font, double-spaced
    • Be at least 750 and no more than 1000 words (roughly 2 -3 pages)
    • Include a bibliography in MLA style (at least two sources).
    • Include internal citations of quotes
  • Your paper about a PERSON/GROUP/MOVEMENT should include:
    • Motivations
      • Why did they do what they did?What were the influences?
    • Goals
      • What did he/she/they set out to achieve?
    • Methods
      • How did he/she/they try to achieve those goals?
    • Achievement/Success
      • Did he/she/they achieve those goals?Why or why not?
  • Presentation of Subject Matter

Be sure to be careful of:

  • Mistakes in your writing (punctuation, grammar, spelling, capitalization, etc.)
  • Consistency – have a theme that runs throughout your paper; stick to it
  • Organization -your writing should be in logical paragraphs and sentences
  • Details – be sure to back up any claims or statements with details that support them

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