Choose a public policy meeting related to healthcare

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Week 1 Public Policy Meeting Approval

Click here to submit your public policy meeting approval.

a thread seeking approval for your public policy meeting. Choose a
meeting to view or attend. It must be a public policy body at work and
related to health care. If it is a recorded meeting, please make sure it
has been posted within the last year.

on this forum, then click ‘Create New Thread’. Title the thread with
your name and the name of the policy meeting. For example: Janice Smith: Affordable Health Care Policy Meeting

In the body of the thread, include

  • the title or topic focus of the policy meeting
  • the date and time of the meeting
  • the location of the meeting (if online, include the website). Some websites are:

Click for more options

What is a public policy meeting? A meeting held by public or

governmental officials to discuss and deal with public problems or

issues, communicate and disseminate information, and engage in

problem-solving, policy change strategizing and/or

decision making. Open public policy meetings are when the public’s

business is conducted in open, noticed meetings, where the public,

lobbyists and members of the news media have the right to attend,

record, broadcast, and in some cases participate in the meeting. An open

meeting agenda is usually posted in advance and meeting materials may

be made available.

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