Cloud computing business plan extension computer science homework help

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You’ve been tasked to find a service provider (or multiple providers) that could fulfill the requirements identified in your week 10 Business Plan. Gather as much information as you can about pricing, service level agreements, services provided, security, etc. for any and all vendors you identify. Include a list of advantages and disadvantages for using that provider. See if you can find other organizations using that CSP. Document any sources used.

Create a PowerPoint presentation to be given to senior management and administrators at Bellevue University on your analysis. Summarize your Business Plan for moving those services into the cloud. Once you have presented the information, include your recommendation(s) for the service providers. Include a summary description of the vendor and the services they provide. Answer the following:

  • What services would you move to the cloud?
  • What are the advantages and costs for each?
  • Would it make sense from a financial standpoint to move these to the cloud?
  • How does Bellevue University benefit from your recommendation?
  • Include any security or compliance considerations?
  • What about organizational culture?

Include (1) a title slide containing your group number and names of group members and (2) a reference slide. Use the Notes section at the bottom of each slide to provide additional information*. As always, spelling, grammar, punctuation and good English count. Act as if this presentation would be given to University leadership.

Submit your PowerPoint using the link. Additionally, you need to post your PowerPoint file to the ‘Case Study Presentation’ forum by the end of Week 11. You will not be able to see other student’s post until you post yours. So, please submit early in the week.

[*Note: see… for more information on using PowerPoint Notes.]

See slides 6-7 on the attached PowerPoint.

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