cmn 619 histories of new media 5

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In “From Scrolls to Codices,” Henry Petroski examines the material properties of early texts, how they were read, and how they were stored.

In “The Shape of the Book,” Alberto Manguel discusses the development of books, their format, construction, and the early history of book publishing.

In this response (minimum 250 words), please address the following questions:

  1. According to Petroski, what is the difference between a scroll and a codex? How were scrolls stored? What were they made of (and how did this material affect the design of scrolls)?
  2. Manguel writes that the effect of Gutenberg’s printing press was “immediate and extraordinarily far-reaching.” What was Gutenberg’s first book? What did the appearance of early printed books attempt to imitate? What does this suggest about the development of any new medium? (Think about the icons and appearance of a modern computer “desktop.”)

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