cmst 150 paper

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PS topic briefing

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In your discussion post address ALL of these questions (2pts). Number and label each part (so keep the bold part 🙂 so everyone knows what is what. Respond (provide constructive feedback) to at least 2 people (1pt each).

  2. PERSONAL SIGNIFICANCE – why did you choose this topic? Why does this topic matter to you? What is your expertise or background in this topic?
  3. RELATE TO AUDIENCE – what might your audience already know or how might they already feel/think about this topic? how is this applicable to/ appropriate for this particular audience? How does this affect them? Why should they care?
  4. SPECIFIC PURPOSE – “To persuade my audience that (your topic) so that (why?).”
  5. SPEECH DESIGN – which design do you think best fits your specific purpose?
  6. MAIN POINTS – what are the important ideas you will cover in each main point based on the speech design you are considering?
  7. RESEARCH – are you going to be able to find enough credible, authoritative sources to back up your argument? have you started looking?
  8. MESSAGE – what is your take-away? what or how do you want them to think after hearing your speech?

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