CNUAS Science Essay

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Write a methods section for your proposed research study. You need to select both quantitative and qualitative methods that you could use to answer your research questions. In the capstone, you will likely use quantitative or qualitative, but not both. While some of you may do a systematic review for your capstone, you must select a quantitative and qualitative method here to demonstrate your ability to choose appropriate methods for your given research question. Your research methods proposal should be 5-7 pages and include 1) an introduction that expresses the significance and context of the research, 2) a purpose statement (i.e., the rationale for why your research is being conducted), 3) research question(s) and hypotheses, 4) study design including subjects, sampling, and selection of qualitative and quantitative methods, 5) analysis plan; 6) bias/threats to validity and ethical concerns. The research methods plan should be approximately 6-7 pages. If you choose to develop a survey, questionnaire or interview guide, these may be included as appendices.

The paper counts for 100 points. Use the course text for guidance in completing each of the sections.

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