communication and collaboration for health care leadership 1

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Question 1: Many of your opportunities to work in interprofessional teams involves change implementation. Please offer insights about this type of experience working with team members of other professions – focusing on issues of communication and language. What worked and what did not work? (my profession is nursing).

Question 2: Please offer a conversation related to the development of your capstone project (Implementation of PHQ-9 screening tool in out- patient clinic) with someone(s) from another profession. Did those individual(s) have a different emphasis or style of communication than you? What suggestions (in the area of communication) do you have to improve the chances for success when a change project involves multiple professions?

Question 3: Let’s discuss the Foster editorial and power struggles. The experience Foster relays is of another professional, who upon achieving their clinical doctorate, became less collaborative and more argumentative. Are we adequately preparing you to be ambassadors of the DNP role? (yes) If so, how? If not, how should it be done?

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