communication questions 6

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Question 1: Identify a professional speaker, spokesperson, or even celebrity that you perceive as well-informed. Identify several ways the person conveys competency, credibility, and good character. What can you do to emulate those elements when you do formal speeches? And why is it important to have those elements? (Ch. 12 & Ch. 1) 10 pts.

Question 2: For each of the topics below assign a proposition of fact, value, and policy. For example, you can match TV violence with a proposition of fact and Illiteracy with proposition of value. Then create a proposition statement for each one. Once, you’ve done that, identify a negative and positive emotional appeal statement for each proposition. I’ve given you an extra topic in case you can’t come up with something for one of them. (Ch. 12) 20 pts.

● TV Violence

● Illiteracy

● Sexuality

● Obesity

Question 3: Thinking about the group you were in for the group speech do you think it was a healthy group? Think about the 6 healthy group characteristics (ethical goals, interdependence, cohesiveness, productive norms, accountability, and synergy). Talk about each of these when discussing your answer. For each characteristic you do not mention, you’ll miss a point. (Ch. 9)10 pts.

Question 4: Analyze a situation in which a group you belonged to attempted to solve a problem. Did the group use all six of the problem-solving steps listed in chapter ten? If not, which steps did the group not do? Were there any steps the group could have placed more emphasis on? Was the group successful in its efforts to solve the problem? (Ch. 10) 10 pts.

Question 5: Remember disclosure? Here’s your next question. How does disclosure affect interpersonal relationships (acquaintances, friendships, & intimate – platonic & romantic)? You’ll want to mention relationship life cycles, social penetration theory, the types of disclosure, and the JohariWindow. If you don’t mention these things, you won’t get full credit on this question. And here’s a hint: when talking about the Johari Window you’ll want to remember to discuss how information moves from each pane and what that means for relationships. (Ch. 7 and Ch. 8 if you really want to get into it) 20 pts.

Question 6: Identify a time when you experienced a disagreement or some type of conflict with someone. Out of the five strategies for managing interpersonal conflict, which one was used in the situation you identified? Was it effective or did it fail? Why do you think so? Consider a different strategy you could have used during this conflict and explain why you think it would have worked. Is there a strategy you think would have made the conflict worse? Why? (Ch. 8) 10 pts.

Question 7: How do culture and communication modify each other? There’s a lot you could talk about, so here’s what I’m looking for: mention dominant cultures, co-cultures, and cultural identity (be specific with cultural identity). Also talk about how cultures differ – you don’t have to mention everything we went over for this, but mention at least three of the seven ways. (Ch. 3) 20 pts.

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