Communications Assignment 6

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1.Rewrite the following negative message by using a positive approach. Explain your choice of words.

We can’t refund your money for your LG4 phone. You should have been more careful and not dropped it in water. The user’s manual clearly states that you must not immerse the phone in water.300 words in length.

2. You receive a claim from an the customer who is asking for a refund. The customer uses inappropriate language in the claim. Explain how you would respond to the customer in writing. Explain your choice of words. 300 words

3. You supervise seven people who make marketing presentations for the company. Discuss how you would handle the situation if you learn that two employees within the group have been intentionally distorting graphs and charts to avoid presenting data that could be viewed as unfavorable to the company. Describe how business etiquette would factor into the way you would handle the confrontation with the two individuals and the group as a whole. 500 words

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