community resource guide

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Assignment #2 The Community Resource Guide (25 points)

Create a resource guide that identifies local services and other resources (a minimum of 20) that are available for families of children with risk conditions and those with disabilities in your area.

At least 12 entries out of the 20 entries must be related to services that are available locally for K-12 students with disabilities and 15 entries of them local. In other words: (20 total entries, 12 of them for K-12 students with disabilities, and 15 of them locally)

For each entry, include the following information:

Name of agency/organization, contact person (if available), mailing and street address, phone number(s), website (if available), e-mail address (if available) and a brief description of the types of services/resources each provides, the ages and categories of individuals served (e.g., parents of children ages 5-12 with spina bifida). Include the cost of these services (this may be a deciding factor for families).

This list must include at least 15 local services, but may also include county, state, regional, and/or national organizations. Services might include: screening, diagnostic assessment, intervention/treatment, support services for families, information and referral. You may include the websites provided in this course, to be added to the 20 other entries that you have described. This resource guide should be designed in a family-friendly way, so that a parent could easily locate information that might be useful to him/her.

Required Format:


Contact Person:

Street Address: [include mailing address as well, if different from street address

Phone Number(s):

Email Address

Website Address:

Type(s) of services available (e.g., medical services, training, financial assistance, advising, emotional/psychological services):

Client Descriptions (e.g., groups/ages served, families of children with autism, mothers with infants or toddlers with vision impairments, etc.)

Cost (e.g., free, sliding scale, accepts Medicaid/Medicare):

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