Comparative analysis of TWO journal articles The journal articles is autism health and medicine homework help

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  • What is the research question? What is the question the author is seeking to explore/explain? Is the paper exploring the assessment of a disorder, prevention, symptoms, or treatment method?
  • What is the purpose of the study? (Educate, explore, explain, analyze, evaluate?)What is being argued by the author?
  • Who was the population studied? (location, age, demographics/social characteristics)
  • What specific tools or strategies did the author use to gather information from the population they studied? (did they use surveys, assessments, screenings, or did they observe or interview people? etc.) Discuss specific questions or things the researchers asked/observed.
  • What were the findings/results of the research?
  • Compare both articles. What are some common arguments? How do the authors views differ?

Be specific/detailed!

APA formate

In text citation

The assignment should be at least 6 pages and no more than 8 pages

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