compare the presentation of historical events in the Kinzer book with the ideas of other scholars, history homework help

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Write a paper of approximately five pages that answers the following essay question. In answering the question, utilize sources from this course, especially All the Shah’s Men. Furthermore, locate one to two articles from peer-reviewed academic journals (use foxhunt, Jstor, etc.) or book chapters produced by academic presses (use Ebook Central). You are also encouraged to find resources about topics about the assigned topics that fit your interests:

  1. Write an essay that compares the presentation of historical events in the Kinzer book with the ideas of other scholars. Examine a narrow issue within the book, such as the nationalization of Iranian oil, the rule of Mossadegh, Operation Ajax, or the Eisenhower administration’s use of the CIA. Find one to two articles or book chapters on the same topic. Assess multiple interpretations of the same event while stating and arguing an innovative thesis about how you understand your chosen theme.

The paper will be graded based on the following criteria:

  1. Presence of a clear, effective, and argumentative thesis statement
  2. Effective use of evidence from the Stephen Kinzer book.
  3. The thoughtful engagement with the interpretations of at least two academic accounts of historical events in Iran
  4. Insightful comparative analysis
  5. Organization of a structured and well-reasoned argument
  6. Fluid writing style that uses grammar correctly, avoids awkward sentences, and utilizes good topic sentences
  7. Correct use of citations according to the History Department Writing Guide (Footnotes)

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