Compensation and Retirement Benefits Reform in New York State

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Compensation and Retirement Benefits Reform in New York State

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York State issued regulations that would require the top wage earners of human service and health care agencies to apply for a waiver to justify their compensation if they earn more than $199,000 per year and if their pay is in the upper 25 percent of compensation paid to executives in similar operations. The regulations apply to for-profit and nonprofit organizations that receive at least $500,000 in state funds and receive at least 30 percent of their revenue from the state. Executives earning more than $199,000 could be paid from nonstate funds as long as they were in the seventy-fifth percentile for comparable operations. The rule applies to organizations that get funding from any one of thirteen state agencies:

Department of Agriculture and Markets

Department of Criminal Justice Services

Department of Correction and Community Supervision

Department of Health

Department of State

Division of Housing and Community Renewal

State Office for the Aging

Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services

Office of Children and Family Services

Office of Mental Health

Office for People with Developmental Disabilities

Office for Temporary Disability Assistance

Office for Victims Services


1. If you were a board member on the HRM committee of a human service or health care organization in New York State, what factors would you use to determine an equitable level of compensation for the executive staff?

2. What strategies would you implement to see that all of the staff are paid fairly?

answer this question and use the reference that I attached and use APA style. chapter 7 and 8 are from ( Pynes, J.E. (2013). Human Resources Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations: A strategic approach (4th ed.). Jossey-Bass: San Francisco ). chapter 12 and 13 are from ( Kimball, D. (2017). Cases in Human Resource Management. Sage Publications: Los Angeles )

# 12 font times new roman

# bibliography page add at least bibliography 2-3 using the references that I mentioned and other references.

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