complete a professional interview assignment

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I need a professional interview work. Make sure you are good at this area and then take this work. Here are the detailed requirements.

For this project, you will conduct an actual news interview with someone other than a relative, roommate or friend (or friend of your roommate or your friend’s roommate, etc. The exception to this is if they fit the description below.)

You should seek out someone who is newsworthy, such as a student leader or academic leader, or someone at Troy University associated with something you are interested in (sports, career, fun activities, etc.) If you are in a fraternity or sorority, it can not be the president, vice-president, etc., of your particular organization.

You will utilizing the interview styles and tips we have learned about in class. You must actually talk with this person face to face. An interview conducted by phone, text, or email is not acceptable.

You must ask AT LEAST 15 questions and at least 5 follow-up questions. If you choose to record the interview, ask the interviewee if they mind you doing so. (“Is there anything else you would like to add?” can be asked, but will not count as one of the 20 questions.)

Other instructions:

The top of your paper should introduce who you interviewed and why you chose the person, as well as how you gathered information in your preparation for the interview. Explain how and where you conducted the interview, and what you hoped to find out from the interviewee.

You can find tips on what to do before, during, and after your interview here.

After your interview, write your paper in the style of the Tommy Hilfiger 10-Question Interview article (here (Links to an external site.)) and the Tiger Woods TIME Magazine article (here (Links to an external site.).)

Number the questions, then write your question in bold type with the interviewee’s answer below (like the articles.) If the answer is extremely long, edit it down and use the most important information.

You must also include a photograph of you interviewing the person whom you chose.

NOTE: You may not interview the same person as a classmate. Therefore, you will need to ask a potential subject if they have already been contacted to do an interview. If two people turn in an interview with the same person, I will gave you the chance to figure out who wants to do an interview with another person and redo the paper. If neither person will compromise, you will both receive only half credit.

Upload your completed paper onto Canvas in either a Word or PDF document, as well as your picture.

And the person who will be interviewed is a Troy University student. His name is Focus and majoring Journalism. And it is better to based on the college school life as background.

Here are all the requirements. This work must be the original work. And this work is very important to me, so high quality must be ensured. Looking forward to your high quality work!

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