complete next section of lsw worksheet and reflection

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Clinical Field Experience D: Intervention Tracking and Assessments

Part 1: Assessment: 12.5 hours: You need assessment to see if students master the skills. See the BOLD on what to complete on the LWS. You’ll turn in your LWS again with more filled out.

Continue to implement the second intervention that you created from the Topic 3 literacy intervention plan.

Following the implementation:

  • Discuss with your mentor what has gone well with the intervention tracking process and what you will change in the future.
  • Is your process effective for engaging students in their own learning and promoting self-efficacy?
  • Complete the “Tracking Reflection” section in the LWS.

Now with your mentor:

  • Select or create and administer a formative assessment based on one of the interventions to your small group of students.
  • The assessment should be aligned to intervention learning goals and differentiated for individual student needs.
  • Provide timely, focused feedback, and assist students in evaluating the relationship between their tracked interventions and the assessment results.
  • Complete the “Formal Assessment Description.”

Now discuss the following with your mentor:

  • Did the assessment appropriately measure learning goals?
  • Was the purpose of the assessment clear to students?
  • Was the assessment appropriately modified to meet the literacy needs of all students in the group?
  • Would you consider the assessment of high quality regarding reliability, validity, and bias?
  • Is there anything you would modify for the assessment to be used in the future or for future assessments?
  • How effective was the tracking process at increasing student engagement and self-efficacy?
  • How did it influence assessment results?
  • How effective was the feedback process?

In the “Mentor Discussion and Collaboration Summary”section of the LWS, explain how you collaborated with your mentor in selecting, administering, and evaluating literacy assessments.

Part 2: Mentoring

Discuss the progress of the intervention plan with your mentee. Assist your mentee in analyzing the data they have collected from the interventions. Use the data to determine any additional intervention needs and help your mentee in planning a formative assessment. Depending on your mentee’s needs, assist them in choosing, developing, and implementing the assessment.

Based on the discussion with your mentee, complete the “Mentee Discussion and Collaboration Summary” of the LWS.

In the “Reflection” section of the LWS,

  • Write 250-500 words analyzing the influence of intervention tracking on student engagement, self-efficacy, and literacy and language assessment results.
  • Discuss the strengths and limitations of the formative assessment given to your small group, including validity, reliability, and bias.

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