​Compose an essay identifies a business-government-society issue from your own daily life.

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Compose an essay of no less than 500 words that identifies a business-government-society issue from your own daily life. This may include an experience you have had as a consumer, employee, member of a community, etc. The essay should be made up of two paragraphs. In the first paragraph, identify the focal organization involved (you may use a fictitious name for the sake of anonymity) and describe the public issue. In the second paragraph, identify the relevant stakeholders and brief discuss their interests and power.

My Topic Choice:

Focal Organization – Chase Bank

Public Issue – The cyber threat to the public sector. (Security Issue)

Reason of this choice: Debit Card has been a common method for students like me to deposit money. As a customer, I have experienced cyber security threat because I use one debit card for everything in daily life including online shopping. Even though I secured my information, fraud still happened several times with unknown reason. This caused me experience to deal with chase’s employer and trying to find what happened in the community, also whether other people are experiencing similar issues. While I was researching their security issues, I found there is security challenges facing federal, state and local organizations as well.

Please fulfill the requirements below:

No less than 500 words.

1. Application of key terms (i.e., demonstrate your understanding of the following terms: focal organization, public issue, stakeholder, stakeholder interests, stakeholder power) 2. Organization and reasoning (i.e., writing should be coherent and logically organized) 3. Spelling and grammar (i.e., writing is free of distracting spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors) 4. Style (i.e., a variety of sentence structures are used, tone is effective and appropriate) 5. Critical thinking (i.e., show evidence of careful, objective evaluation of an issue)


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