conduct and audit check sheet

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You are en employee in the HIM department at Warrior Hospital, a Joint Commission Accredited healthcare facility. You have been asked to conduct an audit of the hospitals inpatient medical records. Your first step is to develop an audit check sheet that you will use to conduct the audit. The check sheet should be professionally formatted and include an overview and purpose statement, a checklist of all items that will be reviewed for in the records, and then a section listing reference to guidelines for what documentation must be included in these records. You can search the web for examples of medical record audit check sheets or develop your own template.

Refer to this weeks reading and lecture materials, as well as The Joint Commissions website for reference to the Record of Care standards to assist you in compiling a comprehensive audit checksheet.

Please submit your completed assignment to this assignment link no later that day 7 of the week. The following grading rubric will be used to assess your submission:

Grading Rubric Criteria


Medical Record Audit Check Sheet includes an overview and purpose statement


Medical Record Audit Check Sheet includes a checklist with an inclusive list of all record requirements


Medical Record Audit Check Sheet includes a section with references to required record components


Paper is properly formatted and free of any spelling or grammar errors



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