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Prepare the report in 12 pages .

Task : Mini Project – (10% weightage on each concept)

Visit any building with swimming pool or water treatment plant or waste water treatment

plant or a public auditorium or small scale industry.

Identify and critically evaluate the degree of implementation of sustainable building concepts

used in the planning, design and maintenance of this unit.

Students may use these 10 concepts as the basis for evaluation, for the selected unit.

I. The concept of sustainable building

II. Components of sustainable building

III. Sustainable site selection

IV. Material and resources

V. Water efficiency

VI. Power efficiency

VII. Maximize the use of natural daylight

VIII. Reuse existing materials, use fewer materials, and use building materials that are

considered to be environmentally friendly

IX. Design for ease of maintenance and use of environmentally friendly cleaning products

X. Maintain structural and building systems for maximum energy and environmental


The report is to be submitted in DIGITAL form as a Word file. Include photographs to justify your



ï‚· The source of photographs must be from ongoing/existing projects in Oman, and not a

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