Consulting in HRD, Brochure for the fake , summary 2 pages

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1) In this assignment I need a brochure for front company ( un real company ) that consist of all the information and please see the attached bellow its similar to the brochure that I want.

Also , this is what the doctor asked to do in the syllabus:

Personal/Business Plan. The learner will develop a plan to market his/her services as either an internal or external consultant.As if in the role of the consultant as n entrepreneur, submit a plan for entry into the field including model, description of office, personnel, and fee structure. A brochure and business cards in a marketing package is also an acceptable template for the business plan. Prior to developing a business plan, design a personalized action planto achieve those competencies that you have identified within yourself as deficient and critical for the consulting practice. There are skills that you will have to develop outside the scope of this curriculum, what you will need beyond this program, what specifically will you have to do to achieve particular competencies—your action plan.

2- In this assignment , I need a summary only 2 pages for all the information that I will attach bellow.

this the syllabus , what the doctor asked to do:

Data Collection Meeting Summary This is a 1-5 page summary of the data collection meeting with the client (not that this is usually a separate meeting from the contracting meeting but because you are getting more in-depth information about the situation/problem and are beginning to peel back the layers of analysis) .Pprovide as much information as possible about the clients’ role in causing or maintaining the situation/problem. Also include your plans for any additional data collection and methods to be utilized.

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