Convection / deep water wave

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These questions will require you to apply critical thinking skills and your knowledge of the subject matter in order to answer them completely and thoroughly. Some questions may only require anywhere from 5-8 sentences to fully answer, while some may require 2-3 paragraphs. The key here is to make sure you answer all parts of the question and discuss all possible details.
You can answer each question separately, do not merge them all into one single essay.

You will need in-text citations and a reference list

  • Direct quotes should be kept at a minimum and indirect quotes are strongly encouraged. An indirect quote is when you take someone else’s information and summarize it in your own word. Changing one word or a few words around is not “rephrasing”.  You must still cite references using in-text citations, even when you use your own words.
  • Explain what a convection cell is. How does a convection cell, high pressure zones, and low pressure zones contribute to the formation of major wind belts, like the trade winds?
  • Describe what happens to a deep-water wave as it approaches a beach and enters shallow water. How does it change? What conditions would have to be met for the wave to break?

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