corporate finance i markets risk and return

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Here are the instructions for this assignment:

Sky Fly, Inc is considering an investment in two different expansions. The following estimates have been calculated for each project.

Initial Investment 15,000 15,000
Annual Rate of Return
Pessimistic 16% 10%
Most Likely 20% 20%
Optimistic 24% 30%


  • What is the range of the rates of return for each of the projects?
  • Which project is less risky? Why?
  • Which investment would you choose? Why?
  • What does your investment choice say about your feelings towards risk?
  • Assume that expansion Y most likely outcome is 21% per year and that all other facts remain the same. Does this change your investment choice answer? Why?
  • What are the ethical considerations that Sky Fly’s managers should observe when deciding between the two projects?

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