Countries involved in the conflict

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Technology integration into the curriculum has increased in the last several years. Educational organizations have discovered that technology can be integrated into each phase of teaching: preteaching activities, teaching activities, and post-teaching activities.

In this assignment, you will concentrate on integrating technology within a unit that is not already used for a previous assignment. You will provide details on how technologies are used within the unit’s activities while describing how various other technologies might also be used to design and evaluate the same unit.

Complete the following:

  • Develop a lesson unit in APA format with the following sections:
  • Include an introduction that describes the unit’s basic purpose; the student population; and any prior knowledge, concepts, and other prerequisites that students will need to participate in the unit. Describe the current availability of and use of electronic technologies, including portable devices.
  • List all of the specific learning objectives or instructional objectives for the unit following audience, behavior, condition, and degree (ABCD) format and working with the cognitive and affective taxonomies and measurable verbs. Describe how technology will be used to help design the unit. These technologies would include printers, scanners, digital cameras, word processors, duplication services, videos, portable electronic devices, and Web 2.0 tools.
  • Include any technology that assists in the production of activity materials or presenting the activity itself. Explain how technology is used for the design, development, or implementation of learning materials.
  • Describe any hardware equipment, all software programs, and other related equipment and supplies.
  • Describe the use of these technologies, in detail, in at least 4 activities within the unit. A colleague at your site should be able to follow and implement the unit successfully based on your instructions.
  • Describe how technology will be used to assess and evaluate both cognitive and affective objectives in the unit. Identify how students will be assessed in both domains and how technology will aid in that assessment. Include technologies such as electronic grade books, tablets, smartphones, quizzes and tests graded by scanners, and instructional management systems (IMSs). Describe how these assessment tools will contribute to both the formative and summative evaluation of the unit.
  • Describe how stakeholders will receive and participate in this evaluation.
  • Describe how technology will be used to aid in disseminating evaluation results and in ongoing follow-up and collaboration with students, teachers, and other stakeholders.

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