country s subculture assignment 1

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You will have to write a 1-page research paper for each EXL assignment that needs to be completed.

Country’s Subculture Assignment

For each EXL assignment that remains incomplete, you should instead write a 1-page research paper about a subculture (a people group) that exists in another country or culture other than your own. If you have not completed any EXL assignments, this means you will need to write 4 of these one page papers. If you have submitted two EXL responses, then you need to write 2 one-page subculture papers. Particularly, I want you write about people groups that are different than yours. So while student-athlete is a subculture, for this assignment, I want you to think about people groups like nations in other countries and their cultural characteristics, or like indigenous group like the Ainu in Japan or the Native Americans here in the USA.

This is a one-page academic paper with sources (parenthetical citations and a works cited). Your works cited page should be on page 2 of your paper, and you must write a full page in order to receive credit. Here are the guidelines for how I expect you to write — MLA style, 1.5 spacing, Times New Roman, standard margins, and the header should only have your name and the phrase “Subculture Paper.”

If you have never academically cited before, follow this hyperlink and read about parenthetical citations and creating a works cited.


Please remember for all papers you submit I will have the “Turn It In” plagiarism software on and should you be caught cheating you will receive a 0 for all 4 of these assignments and reported to academic affairs. DO NOT CHEAT! Simply read information from multiple sources, re-write and summarize what you learn in your own words while giving the authors credit (Perkins 2020), and create a works cited.

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