creating a digital poem

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Please attach your .html file here; please submit your actual poem as well.

Description: Project1: Variation1 (HTML)
Please use HTML syntax and the new technical elements you have learned in class to implement your poem into a visual expression. This variation is a study of Concrete Poetry, a genre that utilizes the semantic, visual, and phonetic elements of language as raw materials to arrange words in space.

Please keep in mind that the emphasize is the visual expression of the poem.

Creating a digital poem, Aesthetic exploration of meaning, HTML syntax, content creation, repurposing formatting

Only HTML; Create a file with a .html extension that can be viewed in a browser

Look up terms such as “concrete poetry,” “visual poetry,” “language poetry,” “typography poetry,” “erasure,” “visual metaphor,” “semantics vs. syntax” and let your experiments go wild!

Please review Chapter 1-4 of your book.

Please also look up tutorials online and/or find HTML tricks to treat your text. (Links to an external site.)

Additional resources:

Ubu Web for Visual Poetry

Ubu Web for Early Visual Poetry

Ubu Web for Concrete Poetry (Links to an external site.)

A casual text on types of metaphor

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