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I have written an the answer to an assignment. The guidelines are below. Please correct any grammar errors and revise the paragraph. Thank you.

1) Create your own holiday. What would you celebrate? How could you get others to join in the fun?

Homework Burning Day! A day after the last day of school will be the time to start. Any college students are also free to join. Any leftover homework after the school year is either burned, ripped, or destroyed in another impressive way. Chainsaws, paper shredders, the Grand Canyon, flamethrowers, and even dropping them into a volcano all work for this stress-relieving activity. The bigger, the better. After the destruction, have contests on who is strong enough to rip an entire paper back homework book. The person who wins gets a shot to use a flamethrower to light a stack of homework on fire. The holiday ends with a big bang as people will set off fireworks with crumpled sheets of homework taped to them. Sit back and enjoy the show. To get other people to join, simply ask other people who are taunted by the stress of homework. Once they hear of the Homework Burning Day’s activities, they will be sure to come. You and your friends and family will enjoy this festive time of year. Have fun!

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