Creating Economic Reforms history homework help

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Pick ANY 2 Topics. Just 2 topics

a) Creating Economic Reforms (socialism, E.V.Debs, muckrakers, I.Tarbell, S. Lewis)

b) Promoting Moral Improvement (prohibition, WCTU, F. Willard, C. Nations)

c) Protecting Social Welfare (Social Gospel Movement, Women’s groups, YMCA, F. Kelly, Illinois Factory Act)

d) Fostering Efficiency (L. Brandeis, Taylorism, Scientific Management, H. Ford)

e) Reforming Local/State/National Government (council-manager form of government, city-commissioner idea, city managers, reform mayors, reform governors

f) Reform elections (initiative, recall, referendum, 17th, 19th Amendments)

g) Protecting workers (women, children, limits on hours, increase in pay, improved working conditions)

h) Reform education (public schools, mandatory attendance, new classes, vocational education)

Create at least a 10-slide presentation, using Microsoft® PowerPoint® in which you address the following:

  • Identify key people
  • Identify main ideas
  • Discuss how those ideas apply to today
  • Determine whether the reforms are positively or negatively viewed historically as well as today.

*Cite your sources and include reference.

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