critical analysis of an established ngo

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YOUR POSITION: Regular Contributor to NGO Navigator.

(fictional website inspired by Charity Navigator: )

CONTEXT: Your job as a Regular Contributor to NGO Navigator is to examine and evaluate an existing non-profit (NPO) and non-governmental organization (NGOs. You will prepare a detailed summary and evaluative report of an existing organization and end it with a recommendation whether the specific NGO should be included on the fictional NGO Navigator website or not.

ASSIGNMENT: Choose an established NGO that works on a social issue of interest to you. For example, if you’re interested in mental health / PTSD in a specific population, look for non-profits (often labeled as NGOs) that deal with that specific issue and choose an accomplished and well-presented one for this report.

Study the NGO’s website and write a report about the organization and its online presence. Your report will accomplish the following:

  • define the NGO
  • define the NGO’s activity
  • examine the NGO’s online presence
  • evaluate the NGO for its inclusion on NGO Navigator
  • offer recommendations for improvement

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