culture has a significant influence on the dying process please review chapter 31 end of life a practical guide in your book and pick a culture that interests you with your selected culture this can include veterans or your personal culture pleas

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Culture has a significant influence on the dying process. Please review Chapter 31: End-of-Life: A Practical Guide in your book and pick a culture that interests you. With your selected culture (this can include Veterans, or your personal culture), please describe how you as a nurse will incorporate, recognize, and address the patient’s cultural belief about their dying process. Please include two of the below topics in your discussion response.

• Patient View
• Family Views
• Funeral and Burial Plans
• Their bereavement process.

First Response by Thursday midnight, 250 words

Use references from your required reading End of Life Care: A Practical Guide and scholarly literature

References are required: One from the course textbook. Other references from a peer-reviewed NURSING journal less than 5 years old. National professional, governmental, or educational organizations (.org, .gov, be used as supplemental references.

Must use the textbook as Reference

Here’s the Required textbook

Required Readings:

Kinzbrunner, B. M. , & Policzer, J.S.(2011). End-of-life care: A practical guide (2nd ed.) McGraw Hill.

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