Cuyamaca College Conflict Between Religion & Science Paper

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The conflict between Religion & Science SURVEY

For this assignment, you will run a survey.

The survey has to present the opinion of a minimum of  10 individuals. Individuals must be 18 or older.
Before you start, you should read the survey collected by the Pew Research Center: Religion and Science in the United States. (Links to an external site.)

  • Title of the report (10%)
  • Introduction to the survey (20%)

Example of information to include in the introduction: What is the main subject of the survey? how many people participated? how were the participant chosen? What was the intent of the survey? What the survey anonymous? Did you ask the questions personally or through email, social media, mail?

  • Answers to the survey (30%)

Present the answer to each of the questions. You can use written percentages, pie charts, bar charts, etc.. There are many tools online to help with this part ( here is one:  (Links to an external site.)The format should be easy to read, analyze and comprehend.

  • Summary and conclusions to the report (30%)

These are some ideas to include in the conclusions:

Describe your experience. How receptive the participants were, Were the questions easy to ask and understand? Did participants think the questions were easy to answer?

Was the group survey big and diverse enough to extrapolate the results? What would you change? What questions would you like to add or change?

Explain what you learned from the results about the population surveyed: This part should remain objective, do your best to state and compare the results without adding your opinion and be clear when you add your interpretation of the results.

For example 95% of the people surveyed stated there is a conflict between religion and science, but surprisingly only 5% of them think their own believes are in conflict. This makes me wonder what religious believes the individuals surveyed share with religion they belong to.

  • File name: Science-Religion-Survey-Name-LastName.pdf
  • Format accepted: pdf 
  • And here are the questions:
    1- Which of the following statements comes closest to your beliefs about God?

    1. I believe in God
    2. I believe in God, but I don’t believe God concerns himself with fates and actions of human beings
    3. I don’t believe in God, but do believe in universal spirit/higher power
    4. Don’t believe in either
    5. Other
    6. Don’t know/Refuse to answer
    7. 2- In your opinion, generally, do you think science and religion are often in conflict, or science and religion are mostly compatible? 
    8. Yes, often in conflict
    9. Mostly compatible with some very exceptional conflicts
    10. No, they are fully compatible
    11. Don’t know/Refuse to answer
    12. 3- Are your own beliefs in conflict with science?
    13. Yes
    14. No
    15. Don’t know/Refuse to answer
    16. 4-Which of the following do you believe are conflicts between science and religion? Mark as many as needed
    17. Evolution/Creation
    18. Climate change
    19. Abortion
    20. Stem Cells
    21. Big Bang/Biblical origin of the universe
    22. Other/Specify
    23. 5- Do you think scientists are more or less likely than others to be religious people?
    24. More likely
    25. Same as others
    26. Less likely
    27. Don’t know/Refuse to answer
    28. 6- How would you describe the impact of science on our society?
    29. Mostly Positive
    30. Mostly Negative
    31. Both/Neither
    32. 7- How would you describe the impact of religion on our society?
    33. Mostly Positive
    34. Mostly Negative
    35. Both/Neither 
    36. 8- The same subject is talked about in a scientific conference and a religious celebration. The versions are opposite to each other. Which one do you think is true?
    37. The scientific version
    38. The religious version
    39. The scientific version, if the subject is related to the natural world and the religious version, if it is about a moral issue
    40. none of them, they are both probably wrong
    41. both of them. There can be different explanations for the same event
  • 10.INSERT YOUR QUESTION HERE  Here are some examples of students’ submissions to guide your work.

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