CWU National Cyber Summit Paper

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Date: March 14, 2020

To: CISO, Padgett-Beale Inc.

From: Jyotsna Pakhare

Subject: Travel Request- National Cyber Summit: Alabama, USA.

Attached  please find my Travel request to attend the National Cyber Summit, that  is being held in Huntsville, Alabama. I would like to attend this  Conference, which is held annually, and the dates are June 2-4, 2020.  This year the conference is being held at the Braun Center in  Huntsville, Alabama.

National Cyber Summit is the nation’s most  innovative cyber security-technology event, that offer unique  educational, collaborative and workforce development opportunities for  industry visionaries and rising leaders. (NCS,2020) This Conference will  be attended by government and commercial participants.

The event  is hosted by the North Alabama Chapter of the Information Systems  Security Association (NAC-ISSA) Cyber Huntsville Corporation (CHC),  Auburn University Research, and University of Alabama in Huntsville. It  is also Supported by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education  (NICE), a program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology  in the U.S. Department of Commerce, under Grant # 70NANB15H016.

The  Summit will provide 4 days of educational training and have over 60  expert speakers, over 60 sessions (Advanced Manufacturing/SCADA/Supply  Chain, Law Enforcement/Forensics, Redstone Arsenal Cyber Ecosystem,  Research, and Technical), and over 70 cyber-focused exhibitors  (including NIST, NSA, FBI, and the NICE Challenge Project). This Summit  offers comprehensive, educational sessions covering critical security  issues and emerging security issues for our organizations.

Attending  this conference would be a great addition to my knowledge and expertise  and help enhance my knowledge about Advanced Manufacturing, Social  Engineering, Human Security, Cyber Skills Gap, Cyber Resilience,  Forensics, Security Testing, Reverse Engineering, Information Security  as Risk Management, Risk Analysis, Malware, Block chain, Policy, Cloud,  and Latest Hacks which this summit will be offering. It will also give  me a chance to meet experts in the field and share thoughts and ideas on  the latest trends and firsthand information about actual end user  experiences from participants and leaders.

The three days of  dedicated time to knowledge and insight on networking, special events  will give me a chance to meet leaders in the industry, share ideas, gain  knowledge and increase our company profile. There will be product demos  and engage with sponsors. Will also receive Continuing Professional  Education Credits that will apply to maintaining current certifications  (such as CISSP, CEH, Security+ CE, and many others). Given an  opportunity to attend this Conference will be a great asset to the  company and to my knowledge to serve the company better and utilize my  knowledge to the betterment of PBI.


The approximate cost associated with the attendance if the Conferences is as follows:

Travel Costs (Flights & Transportation to and from Airport): $250- $350

Accommodations (4 Nights at $95-$150/night): $380 – $600(Special negotiated costs for attendees)

Meals (5 days at $51): $255

Conference Pass for 3 days: $510

Total  cost to attend the National Cyber Summit at the Von Braun Center in  Huntsville, Alabama for 4 days and 4 nights from June 1-5 would be:  $1600


I believe  attending the National Cyber Summit and the knowledge gained through the  experts in this field will better help myself and PBI to know about the  looming cybersecurity risks facing our company in the near future, will  make us aware of the upcoming threats and latest issues in cyber crime  and security. Taking precautionary steps by using this knowledge will  help PBI curtail and avoid any further costs which are much more  compared to this travel cost, that may result from any unfortunate cyber  related event occurring in PBI. Budget for the Conference is a small  price to pay for a future loss that may cost us much more in reputation  and finances.

My learning from the Conference will be shared with  my department and IT teams to enhance their knowledge and by creating a  presentation of my learning and new knowledge will only help and enhance  security at PBI. Upon my return I plan on having a meeting and  presenting my learning and details about the Conference to my  colleagues.

Thank you for your consideration

Jyotsna Pakhare.

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