cybersecurity awareness campaign 2

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Wk 5 – Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign [due Mon]

Assignment Content

  1. As a final project requirement, the executive staff requested recommendations to address the following:

    • Strategy for staff awareness
    • Strategy for ongoing security maintenance

    The best way to get the message across is to have a solid mission statement to share with the organization. You decide to create an awareness campaign for the organization to address the executive staff member’s request. Your campaign consists of the following three items:

    • Mission statement
    • Poster campaign
    • Message to organization via the intranet

    Create an approximate 90-word security policy mission statement for Dayton Soft Products.
    Develop a poster campaign consisting of 3 posters for security awareness to display in the workplace and to distribute virtually. Each poster must include the security policy mission statement. Highlight at least 5 legal and ethical issues across the 3 posters. You may use any program to create your posters.
    Write a message for the company’s internal website to a diverse workforce announcing the cybersecurity awareness material. You will need to submit a draft of your announcement message to the executive staff in the form of a Microsoft® Word document.
    Provide the following elements in your announcement message:

    • The reason the corporate security policy was established
    • Mission statement
    • Employees’ role to meet the mission
    • Announce launch of the poster campaign
    • Large images of the three posters
    • Strategies and tools for ongoing monitoring and enforcement of security policy

    Submit your assignment.

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