cybersecurity policy enforcement creative measures

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Cyber security policy compliance is essential for all organizations. Many companies do not even have policies established. The following article provides a template for an internal cybersecurity policy (Links to an external site.).

It’s one thing to have these policies documented, it’s another for them to be strictly enforced. I worked for a company that had a policy where the security team would patrol the workspaces and, if they spotted an unattended and unlocked computer, they would send an embarrassing email to the entire company from that workers computer.

UNH works to prevent phishing attacks by sending out fake emails to test the faculty and administrations willingness to fall for scams. If one of us takes the bait and clicks the link, we are directed to a page that admonishes us and provides additional training on how to spot phishing scams.

Can you think of any additional creative ways to ensure that your employees are not introducing security risks?

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