cystic fibrosis cftr project

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Cystic Fibrosis-CFTR Project Guidelines for extra credit – Sections 7110 and 4764. 4-30-20

TYPE OF PRESENTATION: Essay (5 pages or less per topic) illustrated with images to emphasize or clarify major points

ORIGINALITY: Plagiarism will not be accepted. Each document will be checked for plagiarism and if detected it will be graded 0. References to published literature must be properly cited, as indicated in the following (taken from

Literature Cited Section

This is the last section of the paper. Here you should provide an alphabetical listing of all the published work you cited in the text of the paper. This does not mean every article you found in your research; only include the works you actually cited in the text of your paper.

A standard format is used both to cite literature in the text and to list these studies in the Literature Cited section. Hypothetical examples of the format used in the journal Ecology are below:

Djorjevic, M., D.W. Gabriel and B.G. Rolfe. 1987. Rhizobium: Refined parasite of legumes. Annual Review of Phytopathology 25: 145-168.

Jones, I. J. and B. J. Green. 1963. Inhibitory agents in walnut trees. Plant Physiology 70:101-152.

MacArthur, R.H. and E.O. Wilson. 1967. The Theory of Island Biogeography. Princeton University Press, Princeton, N.J.

Smith, E. A. 1949. Allelopathy in walnuts. American Journal of Botany 35:1066-1071.

Here is a dissection of the first entry, in the format for Ecology:

Firstauthor, M., D.W. Secondauthor and B.G. Thirdauthor. Year. Article title with only the first letter capitalized. Journal Article Title with Important Words in Caps volume#(issue# if there is one): firstpage-lastpage.

Notice some of the following details:

– the list is alphabetized;
– no first or middle names are listed (the author’s first and middle initials are used instead);
– only the first word in the title of the journal article (except for proper nouns) is capitalized.


Below are listed 4 components of the original Cystic Fibrosis Project rubric. Each of the first three “Project Components” can be addressed individually. You can pick and choose among them, i.e., any combination of topics from one to all three (the fourth “Overall Project Quality” is not a topic but rather an evaluation). Points will be given as indicated in the rubric.

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