Data Analysis Practice

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Mills (2014) shares in Chapter 6, “the interpretation of qualitative
data is the researcher’s attempt to find meaning, to answer the ‘So
what?’ in terms of the implications of the study’s findings” (p. 133). 
He adds that data analysis and interpretation is “. . . a process of
digesting the contents of your qualitative data and finding related
threads in it” (133).

Analyze the middle school scenario, Flipped Math Class
Explain your process for coding and categorizing the qualitative data. 
What patterns and/or themes did you discover?  Answer the “So What” for
your team of teacher-researchers based on your findings. What steps
does your team need to take to address these issues before implementing
the innovation of a flipped classroom?

Pages 138-139 in Action Research: A Guide for the Teacher Researcher provide an example of coding from a transcript.  the link is here Week_4_scenario.pdf

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