death to the dead

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At 4:00 pm, Jughead arrives home after spending the afternoon with his mistress, Betty. He suddenly feels tired, and enters his study for a late afternoon nap, which is his habit. He lies down, and dies in his sleep. At precisely 4:30 pm, his wife Veronica sneaks into the study, believing he is asleep on the couch, and stabs him 22 times in the chest.

Evidence suggests that Veronica learned of Jughead’s affair just before entering the study. The autopsy confirms that Jughead’s death occurred at 4:10 pm as a result of poisoning. Subsequently, police obtained a written confession from Betty stating that she poisoned Jughead.

Write a formal essay recommending, if any, charges against Veronica. Support your answer using statutes, case law, and other external sources. Please double-space, use a 12-pt font and APA format. Answers must not exceed 500 words (not including cover page and bibliography–you do not have to draft an abstract).

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