Debate Argue to change an policy communications homework help

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Your employer has asked you to assist in improving company policies. Choose a policy at your workplace that you feel should be improved. Compose a clear and concise policy using appropriate tone and level of formality. Include present policy, changes that should be made and why. Provide 2 secondary sources or 1 primary source and 1 secondary source as research to support your change and ensure credibility. A reference page is required.

Use current attendance policy to argue why it should be changed in these these areas:(Original Policy is attached below)

**I am going to argue against the policy and be for these changes**

Argue why the following changes would be best to implement in the company


-how changing the required call off time…instead of two hours…it is a minimum of 8 hours(shift) to be allowed to call off (other reasons like car accidents or family emergencies will be discussed in person with manager)…giving the employer prompt amount of time to find coverage. 1st offense:written warning instead of a verbal warning (signed by manager and employee)3rd offense: rather than a written warning it should be termination if more than 3 call offs less than the 8 hour requirement and within the 30 day attendance review.

– speak about the change of incentives for employees without a call for every 30 days rather than waiting for quarterly or annual evaluations to receive incentives for being an excellent employee

Actual current Policy is attached below.

MUST BE APA format

Must be 3 pages not including reference page and title

  • Provides credible and relevant research to support change
  • Provides minimum of 2 secondary sources or 1 primary and 1 secondary source

Include Bullets

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