Defining Learning Environments Assignment

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Module 1-2 Defining Learning Environments Assignment due Sunday of Module 2.

(15 Points)

Purpose: The goal of this brief paper is to define learning environments, situate this definition within different learning spaces, and put forward reasons why design-based research (DBR) can be helpful in exploring such environments.


Write a 1000 – 1500 word (excluding citations) paper. The paper must be in APA format, including citations. The document must address the following:

  1. Imagine the reader of this document is a novice in the educational community. Begin your document by introducing and defining the idea of learning environments. Make sure this section is grounded in the course readings. (200 – 300 words)
  2. Given your definition of learning environments, make a connection with how different learning environments can be situated within traditional, online, and blended spaces. (200 – 400 words)
  3. Learning environments are often associated with complex and difficult to understand variables that impact learning outcomes. Design-based research attempts to address some of this complexity in its process. Explain how the DBR process can be applied to learning environments, the role educational leaders can play in leveraging such a process, and the potential outcomes that can result from applying DBR to your work in learning environments. (600 – 800 words)

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