developmental psychology synopsis paper

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Select a different developmental period (see below) than the one you chose to write about for the Synopsis / Writing Assignment #1.

1) Childhood (age 2 up to, but not including puberty)

2) Adolescence through Young Adulthood (puberty through age 25)

3) Middle through Older Adulthood (age 25 through death)

Write a synopsis of the chosen developmental period that delineates the physiological, cognitive, and social emotional changes one would expect to occur during that time span. You should also write about the potential hazards that may arise during the period, and you will wish to include ideas from developmental theorists. Lastly describe the characteristics one would expect to find in someone who successfully transitioned through the period.

Your paper should be written in MLA style (not APA, this is not a research paper) and include cited references if you quote from sources outside of our class’s reading materials. Your paper should be somewhere between 3 and 6 double spaced typed pages. You will wish to proof read it, giving proper attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. You may submit your paper in class or upload it (as a Word doc, or PDF).

Anyone of the 3 choices above can be chosen from. I am attaching a sample outline I was provided.

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