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Chapter 2 of your course text discusses several different approaches for ethical decision-making.

For this assignment, you will test out A Different Ethical Approach. Consider the options presented in Chapter 2 once again, and choose an approach which you did not explore in the Unit 3 assignment (Unit 2 written on Gender Pay Equality, Unit 3 written on Personal Ethical Motives). Paper should be in length of 950–1,250 words, double-spaced pages, Font and Font Size: Arial, 10 point, free of errors that detract from the overall message and APA with references and citations

Write a paper that responds to the following questions:

    • State the ethical approach you selected. Explain why.
    • Imagine someone had worked to resolve the ethical issue (the same one you discussed in the Unit 3 assignment), this time using the approach you have just described. What would be involved in using this approach?
    • Compare this to what you described in the Unit 3 assignment. What might have happened differently if a person used this approach?
    • Explain how this alternate approach might have been beneficial. To whom? In what ways might it have caused problems?Support your choices with cited concepts from course readings
  • .**Note: Pay particular attention to the various models and rationales used to make decisions on ethical dilemmas. Start to work on finding one or developing one that suits you. This is important because the most crucial thing you can learn from this course is how to identify, analyze, and resolve ethical dilemmas. In addition, you will evaluate different decision-making models and to use them to analyze dilemmas throughout the rest of the course, particularly in this Unit 5 project component and for the final project in Unit 10.


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