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Initial Substantive Posts: Your initial post should be substantive (approximately 250 words in length) in your substantive post you are encouraged to use references (you may use your textbook); show evidence of critical thinking as it applies to the concepts or prompt and/or use examples of the application of the concepts to work and life.


Theory-Based Conflict Resolution

Top of Form

Think about the ethical theories and approaches in Chapter 14 and the moral conflicts you have experienced in the past.

Have you used one of the listed theories or approaches to resolving conflict? Which theory or approach have you used? If you haven’t, which theory or approach do you think would have been beneficial to you in one of your past situations? Please explain?


Law & Nursing

Top of Form

You have been asked by a charge nurse on a medical-surgical unit to discuss the importance of the legal system for nurses.

What are the important aspects regarding law and nursing that you will include in your presentation? Why?

Bottom of Form

Bottom of Form


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