disccustion question

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1) One evening, Barney is walking through a neighborhood when he decides he is going to break into a home and steal belongings inside. Barney breaks a window and enters the home. Once inside, he takes more than $10,000 worth of property. While trying to escape Barney is arrested. Under the common law, what crime will Barney be charged with and why?

2)Jenny and her friends decide it will be fun to burn down an abandoned building. One Friday evening, they arrive at the building, pour gasoline in and around the property, and set the building on fire. The fire spreads to a nearby home, killing two children inside. Jenny and her friends are arrested. With what crime will Jenny and her friends be charged? Will the prosecutor be successful in arguing that this is an aggravated offense? Why or why not?

3)Janna is walking down the street one evening when she approached Milo. Milo put a knife to her neck and escorted her to a nearby ATM machine. Milo demanded that Janna withdraw all of the money from her savings account or he would kill her. Janna did as she was told, and Milo left without harming her. Name and define the crime(s) that Milo has committed. Please include in your answer the actus reus and the mens rea for each crime.


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