discipline plan sections 1 3

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APA Format 7th Edition (And incorporate biblical verses)

This is for a 5th grade class.


Chapter 14 discusses building your own personal discipline plan.

Reread Rubric Topics 1-3 for the classroom discipline plan and complete those sections. Be sure to reference your rubric and textbook as you complete. (40 pts.)

Topic 1: Philosophy of Discipline

Paper clearly, concisely and thoroughly states writer’s personal definition of discipline, its primary purpose, the writer’s main duties in discipline, and the student’s main duties in discipline. Length of response: 125–250 words

Topic 2: Theory of Discipline

Paper clearly, concisely and thoroughly describes the process for preventing misbehavior, supporting proper behavior, and redirecting inappropriate behavior in a manner that maintains student dignity. Included are positions on class rules as well as preventive, supportive and redirective tactics. Length of response: 250 words

Topic 3: Professional and Ethical Behavior

Paper clearly, concisely and thoroughly describes the professional demeanor the writer will display as a teacher, and what the writer will do to develop trust with students, families of students, and colleagues. Length of response: 125–250 words

The information above should be developed and supported with textual and scriptural references. Remember from your grading, the rubric for written assignments is heavily weighted in support. All written assignments must be in APA format. Do not forget to include a strong introduction and conclusion paragraph.

https://belhaven.instructuremedia.com/embed/8bd55178-e70d-44ea-bc7e-f42c08962473 (Links to an external site.)

The link above is a video I made when we were in APA format 6- Be sure your use the new APA 7 for the cover page. Use the feedback I have been giving you each week and the example from week 1 announcement.


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