discussant report

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The discussant report involves 5 pages (doubled-spaced, 12-point font, and 1-inch margins) summarizing a case study in the textbook or a paper listed in the references in the textbook and offering comments and suggestions to help the author improve the paper. The purpose is to develop your ability to critically evaluate research. Your report should be precise throughout, but don’t be afraid to have strong opinions. Avoid making superficial comments or only summarizing the paper—your report should ideally demonstrate the depth and breadth of your knowledge in Industrial Organization.

Include the following in your report:

A. Summary. For example:

Ø What are the questions and goals of the paper?

Ø What is the theoretical/empirical framework being used?

Ø What are the most interesting ideas and results?

Ø How do they relate and compare to other research?

B. Comments. For example:

Ø Are the research questions interesting?

Ø Are the assumptions reasonable?

Ø Do the results answer the stated questions?

Ø Are the results generalizable?

C. Suggestions. For example:

Ø Are there alternative frameworks or approaches that are more suitable for the stated questions?

Ø Using the present model, what other interesting questions can be answered? What other results would you like to see?

Ø Are there important extensions that should be considered?

The book is The-Antitrust-Revolution-7th-Edition.


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