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Select one of the Origin stories that you might be interested in. They are in Ch. 2 Vishnu (Indian myth), Ch. 3 Egyptian Cosmongony, Ch. 4 Popol Vuh (Meso-American myth) and Ch. 5 The Kojiki of Japan. Describe the origins of the world in the myth story. What elements are curious or strange to you? If you were raised in a mythic cultural tradition like the Judaic/Islamic/Christian traditions-are there similar curious or strange elements?

Watch the video below on Pandora’s Box, and now consider whether the mythic traditions that you were raised in have their own cautions and concerns about the limits and constraints on human knowledge-and the consequences of reaching too far!

If you are not socialized in a traditional culture with its myths-or choose not to adhere to or follow a religious tradition-what does reason tell you about the limits or constraints on human curiosity?



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