discussion and respond 1

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I have 2 parts discussion to do with responding to 2 students

First part

Question 1-

How were the 2 videos, “Apache Girl’s Rite of Passage,” and “Dogon Dama” related to life-cycle rituals? What are some examples of our own culture’s rites of passage and life-cycle ceremonies? (These can be religious or civic.) Why are these rituals so important? How have different western religions sought to explain them?

Second part

Question 2-

After reading the article on the Hmong religion, what comparisons can you draw between the Hmong tradition and the other indigenous traditions you read about in the first part of Chapter 2? What were the aspects of the Hmong tradition that were most interesting or surprising to you? Even if you are not going into medicine, how would you approach a Hmong patient in your role as a health care practitioner?

the text book link:



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