discussion answers 1

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I have to part discussion to do with responding to 2 students

First part

Question 1-

This first question will allow you to introduce yourselves and express a little of your pre-understanding of religion. First, share with us your program of study and how far you are in your program. Second, most people are taking this class to fulfill core or elective requirements, but what do you hope to take away from this class? That is, how might this class benefit you in the future? Third, when you hear the word “religion” do you have a positive or negative reaction? Based on the questions found on page 5 in your text, how can you explain your positive or negative reaction to the word “religion?”

Some information u might need my name sami im Muslim im sophomore. Maybe u will need information from the book

Here is the book


second part

Question 2-

After viewing the videos “Charter for Compassion” and Madeleine Albright’s interview on religion and diplomacy, answer the following:

How do these videos relate? What role does religion have in violence? What role can it have in tolerance and peace?

here is the videos

1- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wktlwCPDd94

2- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPPYla211pE


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