discussion apa writing assessment

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3. Discuss the definition and implication of concepts related to nursing research.

11. Compare quantitative and qualitative research.

Module Objectives:

At the conclusion of this model, students will be able to:

1. Distinguish between the quantitative and qualitative approaches to research

2. Identify the key research designs within each of the two approaches to research.

3. Discuss the major concerns in the production of quality research studies.

Begin learning about APA publication style.

Read in your textbook, chapters 2 and 3

Consider the the strengths and limitation of: descriptive, correlational, quasi-experimental, and experimental studies. Discuss for each one.

If you wanted to look at the relationship between staffing patterns and nurse staff turnover, which would you choose? Why?

Look at case study #1 in chapter 2 (also see the ppt). What key words would you use for this search?. What databases are most likely to yield the results you want?


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